Career Support - Training for woman in research

The program »Career Support – Training for Women in Research« supports women researchers on their career paths. The program is conducted by Goethe University in cooperation with the German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF), the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF/HSFK) and the Senckenberg Nature Research Society (SGN).

The program offers individualized content, specifically tailored to best meet the differing needs of various academic specialties.

Given the current conditions of international competition for excellence in science and research, increasing demands on scientists and researchers dovetail with an increased homogenization of scientific qualifications. This means that additional qualifications are becoming ever more important for a successful career.

With »Career Support«, the Equal Opportunities Office has developed a training program that meaningfully supplements the current programs at Goethe University as a whole, while specifically targeting women researchers who are not involved in any other support programs. For example, the training includes workshops on career planning for female PhD candidates, instruction on career development through research funding and special offers for academics bound for a professorship.

Further qualification and Equality

The Equal Opportunities Office’s program for further qualification and equality is aimed at administrative and technical staff, and all Goethe University employees interested in equal opportunity. The program focuses on several topics:

Measures to improve worker qualifications are offered for the administrative and technical staff at Goethe University. These focus on the specific situation of female employees and aim to further their professional development. They include workshops for office and time management as well as courses in computer skills. The Equal Opportunities Office also supports networking activity for administrative and technical staff. Most importantly, this includes the Working Group (WG) for non-academic staff – referred to as »Other« in administrative jargon – i.e. the »WG Other«. In individual training events, the Equal Opportunities Office cooperates with the HR Development Office.

A second focal topic of the program is maintaining the health and quality of life of female employees at Goethe University. Here we offer workshops on stress management, how to deal with conflict as well as instruction in healthy posture and computer screen work.

The third focal point includes topics that expressly address all university employees who are interested in equal opportunity and the improvement of work-family balance. These include events on the topics »care«, »work-life balance« and »gender and diversity competence«.

Mentoring Projects


MentorinnenNetzwerk is a joint project of ten universities in the State of Hesse in Germany, among them five state universities and five universities of applied sciences. Participation is open to female students and doctoral students in natural science and engineering at Goethe University or another university in Hesse.  The projects aims to support the participants in planning their careers, and offers a German-speaking programme and consists of mentoring, training and networking. Within the framework of a public-private partnership, ten well-known German companies, three non-affiliated research organizations and a ministry also take a share in this successful project. (in English)


SciMento-hessenweit is a mentoring program for female PhD candidates and postdocs from the five universities in Hesse Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Giessen, Kassel and Marburg and cooperating research institutions.  Its aim is to give orientation for your further career in order to plan the next stepping stones to a higher position in science or industry. Additionally to the mentoring process, SciMento offers tools like top class workshops and provides many opportunities for networking.

Apply now: (in English)


ProProfessur is a joint project of five universitys in the State of Hesse: Goethe University Frankfurt, University of Technology Darmstadt, Justus Liebig University Gießen, University Kassel, Philipps University Marburg. The project aims to encourage 45 highly qualified female scientists of all subjects on their way to professorship. They are supported in their career management through an individual costumized plan over 18 months. Thus, they will be prepared for research, leadership and management tasks in science. (in German)

The German not-for-profit organisation encourages and helps pupils from non-academic family backgrounds to become First Generation university students.  Through, the students meet peers who are facing similar challenges. Most of the volounteers are First Generation university students themselves, but the network also includes professors, study advisors, and professionals working in various industries.  These mentors are making pupils aware of the possibility of higher education and providing them with the support they might not otherwise receive at home. They also guide students throughout their entire university career, for example, by helping them to complete scholarship applications. (in German)