The Dual Career Service Frankfurt is a joint service of Goethe University, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Frankfurt UAS) and the German Institute of International Pedagogical Research (DIPF). It is located at the Equal Opportunities Office of the Goethe University and offers assistance to newly appointed professors and certain new post-docs of Goethe University (please find details on target groups at Goethe-University here). Furthermore, the Dual Career Service Frankfurt offers assistance to all new employees of Frankfurt UAS and DIPF.  The Dual Career Service Frankfurt provides advice and assistance to the target groups’ partners regarding their own job search and career.

Please note: Due to a change of staff, DCSF consultations will take place again in March 2019.

For additional information and support concerning your move to Frankfurt we would like to recommend the Goethe Welcome Center.


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Individual Support

Do you and your partner both want pursue your own careers and reconcile them with your family life? Are you not keen to commute long distances? Then your partner also needs a career perspective when moving to Frankfurt. The Dual Career Service Frankfurt was set up to help newly arrived top scientists and their families find their way around the new city.

Dual Career Consulting at the Goethe University

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Dual career service

Job Search in Germany

On the following pages you will find information and tips about searching a job in Germany.

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