MSc PBioC - Physical Biology of Cells and Cell Interactions

Application deadline: May 31 | Start: Winter Term

The two-year Master's programme Physical Biology of Cells and Cell Interactions (PBioC) takes place at an international level and promotes the acquisition of an in-depth research-oriented education in the fields of cell biology and physical biology.

The Master's programme provides students with an understanding of fundamental life processes from cell growth, cell-cell communication and differentiation to hormonal, inflammatory, angiogenic signalling and aging. These processes are studied in context of cells, tissues and entire model organisms. The experimental and conceptual approaches of the programme include cutting-edge methods in cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, immunology and genetics, combined with various advanced microscopy techniques and applications, data analysis as well as (neuro-)physiology and morphological analysis.

The programme offers a combination of theoretical courses and own experimental activities from the first semester on. In addition to the basics of the sub-disciplines, students are introduced to the current state of international research and acquire methodical and conceptual skills that enable interdisciplinary research, independent, scientific thinking and responsible action.


Introductory video for the PBioC Master's programme

This video was produced by the student initiative RiedbergTV. More videos can be found on www.riedberg.TV.