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Entry Requirements

Higher Education Entrance Qualification:

Applicants must possess a qualification entitling them to study at University level in Germany, a so called higher education entrance qualification (“Hochschulzugangsberechtigung", HZB). This is usually, e.g., the German Abitur, or the secondary school-leaving certificate such as A-Levels.
In addition to an interest in biology and willingness to perform practical work, a good knowledge of physics, chemistry,
mathematics and an adequate command of English are also desirable. If these criteria cannot be fulfilled at the start of the programme, the requisite knowledge must be acquired while participating in the degree programme.
Furthermore, all applicants with non-German qualifications must pass a German examination of DSH-2 standard (or equivalent) in order to be admitted to the programme. Applicants who have completed their education at a non-German school or university can compare which foreign certificates do correspond with the university entrance qualification in Germany at the database provided by the German Academic Exchange Service: DAAD admission database.

Language Requirements:

Since scientific literature is published mainly in English, an adequate command of English is highly recommended. However, in order to apply to the BSc Biological Sciences programme, there are no certificates required proving the proficiency in English.

All applicants with foreign credentials have to provide a certificate on their proficiency in German at DSH-2 level. (This corresponds with the C1 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.) For more information on the required German language certificates please consult the International Office at Goethe Univerisity.

Internships/Practical Work Experience:

Pre-university internships or practical work experience are not required when applying for the study programmes at the Faculty of Biological Sciences.
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Admission is restricted to all study programmes at the Faculty of Biological Sciences. 

International applicants (applicants with non-German academic credentials) have to apply at uni-assist (University Application Service for International Students). For any further information or counselling on the application procedure please see the websites of the International Office at Goethe University.

Applicants with a German higher education entrance qualification can apply at the Goethe University directly. For more information on deadlines, application forms, addresses and legal terms of the admission process please see the websites of the Study-Service-Centre (in German). 

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