Graduate Studies


Master´s Degree Programmes

These are the Master’s Degree Programmes offered by the Faculty of Biological Sciences:

  • Ecology and Evolution (conducted in German)
  • Physical Biology of Cells and Cell Interactions (conducted in English)
  • Molecular Biosciences (conducted in German)
  • Molecular Biotechnology (conducted in German)
  • Interdisciplinary Neurosciences (conducted entirely in English)

The Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Neurosciences is offered in close cooperation with other faculties, particularly the Faculty of Medical Science at Goethe University. However, the Faculty of Biological Sciences is currently in charge of the administrative organisation. Furthermore, the Faculty is also involved in a number of biology-related master’s programmes, such as environmental sciences, biophysics, bioinformatics, and biochemistry.

Earning a PhD

There are several ways to earn a PhD at the Faculty of Biological Sciences. One of them is following the traditional path: working in the research group of your PhD supervisor with one of the very few positions as a PhD student funded by the state or by an external fund (so-called “Drittmittel”). The second way is earning your doctorate in a structured doctoral programme.

Special Offerings by the Faculty

You can expect the following in the Faculty of Biological Sciences’ Study Programmes:

  • Dedicated professors, who are leading experts in their specialties
  • Research focuses in the areas of “ecology, evolution and environmental research”, “microbial and plant metabolism, its regulation and application in biotechnology”, and “neurobiology”. Thus, there is a broad spectrum extending across ecology and environmental research, biodiversity, evolution, population dynamics, cell biology, biochemistry up to biotechnology
  • Degree programme contents which are continuously adjusted to the developments in the biological sciences and which guarantee a state-of-the-art education.
  • Early integration and participation in future-oriented research programmes
  • Modern laboratories and motivated supervisors
  • Active student representatives, who aid you in settling into the university and in your degree programme and offer competent support in case of problems.
  • A faculty-internal PC pool, comprehensive Internet resources and libraries, which provide a large information offering
  • Imparting of important key qualifications, which facilitate your entry into your profession.