Dean's Office Faculty 15 Biological Sciences

The Dean’s Office is your contact for all items of interest to the employees and students in the Faculty of Biological Sciences. It comprises the Dean, the Dean of Study Affairs and the Vice Dean. They are assisted by the Advisor to the Dean’s Office (Dr. U. Sittig) and a number of staff members. The telephone numbers and email addresses can be found on the Head of Faculty” tab on the left navigation bar.

The Examination Office is also part of the Dean’s Office.The Examination Office is supervised by the Dean of Study Affairs. Ms U. Feigenbutz, Ms Goltz and Ms Horst are your contacts for all questions

In the Hessian Higher Education Act (HHG), the tasks and duties of a dean are described as follows:

The Dean’s Office heads the Faculty and is responsible for all tasks that are not included in the competence of the Faculty Council. The Dean’s Office prepares the Faculty Council’s resolutions and implements them. It makes target agreements with the Executive Board and makes decisions based on the use of personnel and equipment in the scope of the structure plan and on commitments regarding the equipment in specialist departments. The Dean’s Office is responsible for the organisation of the degree programmes and examinations and provides assistance for the evaluation procedure. (HHG Sect. 45 Para. 1)