Partnerships with a regional focus

In broadening its institutional partnerships that mainly support student exchange and mobility of academic staff Goethe University has a clear regional focus on North America, East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe. Goethe University’s four interdisciplinary regional research centres, collaboration with institutions of cultural exchange, and Hessen international State partnerships are an integral part of this regional strategy.

North America

Country / City       Institution           Type of partnership       Website
Halifax       Saint Mary’s University           University partnership (social sciences)

Toronto       University of Toronto           University partnership

Saint Louis       Saint Louis University           University partnership (humanities)
Ewing       College of New Jersey           University partnership
Milwaukee       Marquette University           University partnership

La Crosse       University of Wisconsin – La Crosse           University partnership

Philadelphia       University of Pennsylvania           University partnership

(Wisconsin)       University of Wisconsin System           Hessen-Wisconsin
state partnership

(Massachusetts)       University of Massachusetts System           Hessen-Massachusetts state partnership


Goethe University’s Centre for Research on North America (ZENAF) is coordinating interdisciplinary research on North America.

East Asia

Country / City       Institution           Type of partnership       Website
Beijing       Peking University           University partnership

Guangzhou       Sun Yat-Sen University           University partnership

Kyoto       Doshisha University           University partnership

Korea (South)                            
Seoul       Seoul National University           University partnership

Seoul       Korea University           University partnership

Seoul       EWHA Womans University           University partnership

Seoul       Chung-Ang University           University partnership

The State of Hessen has established Goethe University’s Interdisciplinary Centre for East Asian Studies (IZO) der as the State’s sole centre for research on East Asia.

Goethe University is party to the European Centre for Chinese Studies (ECCS) at Peking University and to the German-Southeast Asia Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance at Thammasat University in Bangkok .

Goethe University hosts the Frankfurt Confucius Institute in partnership with Fudan University, Shanghai, and Hanban, the Chinese government agency.

Sub-saharan Africa

Country / Stadt        Institution           Type of partnership       Website
Bamako       Point Sud Research Centre           Research cooperation

Burkina Faso                            
Ouagadougou       University of Ouagadougou           Research cooperation

Cotonou       Université de Abomey-Calavi           Research cooperation

Zomba       Ministry of Culture           Research cooperation as part of the Hessen-Malawi state partnership        

Stellenbosch       Stellenbosch University*           University partnership

* MoU under negotiation

Goethe University’s Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Africa (ZIAF) coordinates all research with a focus on sub-saharan Africa.

By supporting the Point Sud – Local Knowledge research centre in Bamako, Mali, Goethe University contributes to stronger research networks within Africa and between Africa and “the North”.


In pursuit of academic mobility Goethe University is engaged in Erasmus partnerships with institutions throughout Europe. Because of long-standing collaboration formal partnership agreements exist with Université Lyon II, France, the University of Pisa, Italy and the University of Vilnius, Lithuania. In addition, a partnership agreement with Jagiellonian University in the sister city of Cracow, Poland, has been signed recently.

Interdisciplinary research into issues of European integration is at the heart of the Wilhelm Merton Centre for European Integration and International Economic Cooperation (WMZ). The WMZ is a regular provider of summer schools abroad on European Integration and, together with Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, hosts the yearly Frankfurter International Summer University (ISU).

Goethe University hosts the Institut Français d’Histoire en Allemagne (IFHA)on campus. The two institutions enjoy a partnership agreement that fosters a close collaboration in the humanities. The University has also concluded a partnership agreement with the Instituto Cervantes at Frankfurt.