Guesthouses Ditmarstraße and Frauenlobstraße

Gaestehaus goethe uni 38  2

These guesthouses are located very close to each other. These properties belong to the Stiftung zur Förderung der internationalen wissenschaftlichen Beziehungen der J.W. Goethe- Universität, a foundation that promotes scientific exchange. The guesthouses contain more than 22 furnished apartments. The minimum rental period is one month, the maximum one year.

Amenities of the apartments (for one, two, or 2.5 persons):
Living and/or Bedroom

There is a laundry with two washing machines and two dryers.
The apartments are cleaned once a week, and the sheets and towels replaced.

Pets and animals are not allowed in the guesthouse!


Access to the Internet

Both guesthouses have wireless (W-LAN): Enable your mobile device’s WIFI (Phone, Laptop, Pad, etc) and connect your device with the network: „STIFTUNG“

Arrival and moving into the room/ apartment

You can move into your room/apartment from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Thursday and 12 noon to 1p.m. on Friday. If you wish to move in at another time (i.e. on a weekend), this is only possible if your mentoring professor has picked up your key ahead of time.