Costs of Living
Semester Fee
Working and Studying
Grant for the final examination period 
Support for foreign students in financially critical situations
ISIC (International Student Identity Card)

Costs of Living

Costs of living and studyingestimated amounts
Average monthly costs of living (rent, food, clothing, study material, etc.) 600 €
Health insurance cover (monthly)                                  ca. 82 €
Semester Contribution (ca. 354,69 € per semester, 60 € per month)                              ca. 60 €
Total ca. 741 €


Semester Fee

As per summer semester 2016, the students semester contribution amounts to 357,60 € and includes the following:

Contribution to RMV semester ticket    205,35 €
Contribution to NVV semester ticket    5,40 €
Contribution to VGWS semester ticket    0,60 €
Contribution to PASTA-ticket (Palmengarten) 1,10 €

Social and cultural ticket

1,55 €
Contribution to hardship fund    0,60 €
Contribution to the students representation body ASTA    9,50 €
Contribution to students services organisation  81,50 €
CamRad    2,00 €
Administrative fees   50,00 €
Total 357,60 €


Working and Studying

Work Permit

If you are not sure whether or how days you may work beside your studies, or what you may have to clarify legally in advance of an internship, please contact the International Office.

Finding a Job

For private job hunting please check the job offers published in local newspapers, such as, on Fridays, the Frankfurter Rundschau, or, on Saturdays, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), or Uni-Report/Stellen aktuell, or search via internet. In addition to this you may also contact particular firms and their personnel department directly.

The University itself also offers jobs for graduate assistants or students assistants/tutors; please have a look at the bulletin boards in your academic section or enquire at the institute of your choice.

More options are provided by temporary employment agencies.

The Studentenwerk (Student Services) publishes job offers for students on its website.


Funding organisations aim at diverse objectives and use different selection criteria, but most institutions expect superior academic performance and distinct social commitment from their candidates.

More details are available at the data-base of the DAAD: 

Grant for the final examination period

For advanced undergraduates in Frankfurt: Once they are registered for their final examinations (M.A., Diploma, State Exam), students of the University in Frankfurt may apply for a scholarship for the final examination period.

Federal student financial aid program (Bafög) for other than German nationals

As a rule, only German nationals are entitled to student loans according to the Federal student financial aid program. Foreign students may, however, qualify if,

  • one parent or spouse is German and has his/her permanent residence in Germany,
  • holding an official title as refugee, displaced person, asylum status, or protection against deportation,
  • EU citizens with residence in Germany,
  • you yourself or one of your parents was gainfully employed during five/three years respectively in Germany.
  • you are holder of a permanent settlement permit,
  • provided that § 3 of the Regulation on freedom of movement and employment within the EU applies to you and that, in your capacity as spouse or child, you are entitled to free entry and residence or in case these rights as child of a EU citizens are waived because you are 21 years of age or more and do not receive regular support payments,
  • you are EU citizen or EEA citizen having already worked in Germany prior to your studies and this work is related to your studies (employment which only bridges the time gap before the beginning of studies or mandatory internship mandatory for studies are, however - not qualifying),
  • you were gainfully employed in Germany for a period of five years or one parent has worked for a total of three years in Germany, and this during a period of six years preceding the beginning of your studies.

Further options available for

EU citizens
If you are EU citizen and if you have already worked in Germany prior to the beginning of your studies in a study-related job. Please note that applicants are not eligible in cases where this employment only serves to bridge the time gap between arrival and beginning of studies or in case of mandatory internship required prior to your studies.

Non-EU citizens
If one of the following conditions is fully met:

  • Before the beginning of the studies, the applicant has completed at least 5 years’ gainful employment in Germany (not including professional training, part-time employment or vacation work).
  • The mother and/or father of the applicant were gainfully and legally employed in Germany during a period of at least 3 years, including periods of maternity leave, periods of temporary disability, incapacity to work, participation in vocational training/rehabilitation or professional education measures, reaching of retirement age, periods of unemployment (in as far as the conditions of entitlement to unemployment benefits according to the German social security act were fulfilled).

Substitute qualifying periods up to a maximum of 2 years may be taken into account.

Amt für Ausbildungsförderung (BAföG)
Sozialzentrum, Neue Mensa, 4. Stock
Bockenheimer Landstraße 133
60325 Frankfurt

Consulting hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Friday : 10.00 - 12.00 a.m.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday : 13.00 - 15.00 p.m.
Room 405 - 423

Grant for the final Examination Period

How to apply for an end-of-study scholarship/grant awarded for advanced foreign undergraduates by Goethe University, Frankfurt

  1. Foreign students of any field of studies who are studying currently at Goethe University may submit their application up to the following time limits:

    January 31, June 30, and October 31 each year

    Conditions for application:
    • Registration for final examination or acceptance of thesis/coursework for Bachelor, Diploma, Magister degree or state examination (with written confirmation of the state examination office stating the date limit for submission or expected completion of your paper) or
    • Participation in written or oral part of final examination (confirmation by the examination board), or
    • in case of medical studies: Proof of participation in the practical year (3rd section of training) or proof of preparation of the 2nd section of medicine examination are to be furnished).
  2. No scholarships are granted to students in the first years of their studies, to Ph. D. students, Master students, or to students taking a second degree in Germany. Students eligible for federally funded student loans (Bafög) may not be granted a scholarship independent of the fact whether they actually did benefit from this loan or not.
  3. The deadlines for application (January 31, June 30, and October 30) are always to be respected even in cases where the requirements for application stipulated in point 1. above are not yet fulfilled. The required proofs have to be furnished within 2 months after application date at the latest in order to integrate the application in the selection procedure as “conditional award”. In any case, the application form has to give complete details and include full proofs required.
  4. Scholarships are granted on the basis of funds available.
  5. In case the number of applicants exceeds the number of scholarships/grants available, selection criteria such as credit points, study achievements, or social situations will be taken into account. Preference will be given to applicants from developing countries; it is not possible to claim entitlement to such scholarships/grants.
  6. The maximum granting period is 12 months and varies according to the individual needs of the applicant and the examination dates in the particular academic section.
  7. The maximum monthly amount awarded is 500 € and the partial scholarship amounts to 250 €.
  8. Prolongation of payment is only possible in exceptional cases in which proof has to be furnished as to the nature of the delay, such as interruption of examination due to sickness, factual setbacks (e.g. repeated laboratory tests), repetition of examination or parts of it, and only upon official expertise on the progress actually made. Requests for prolongation are not subject to any date limit and may be filed at any time.
  9. Candidates no longer fulfilling the conditions set down in point 1. – withdrawal from examination, grants awarded by other institutions etc. – may have to refund the amounts granted.
  10. All holders of scholarships/grants are obliged to submit without delay the results of their final examination or part of final examination to the International Office, even after expiration of the scholarship/grant.
  11. For further information please contact the International Office, PEG-Builiding, Grueneburgplatz 1, Campus Westend.

 You can download the application form for an end-of-study scholarship/grant here.

In case you already benefit from a scholarship/grant, download the application form for extension of the scholarship/grant here.

Support for foreign students in financially critical situations

The association was founded on 7 November 1994 by the Frankfurter Arbeitskreis Ausländerstudium (Working Committee for the Support of Foreign Students).

Its main objectives are:

  • Collective advising and counselling services during the orientation period of the Preparatory Courses for foreign students (Studienkolleg) and in form of an introduction program into studies organized at the semester opening by the International Office
  • Integrated counselling concepts
  • Readers for consulters
  • Help for foreign students in financial distress through no fault of their own
  • Influence on political decision-making concerning foreign studies in Germany


Frankfurter Verein zur Förderung ausländischer Studierender in Not e.V.
c/o Internationales Studienzentrum / Studienkolleg der Goethe-Universität
Bockenheimer Landstr. 76
60323 Frankfurt am Main
Tel: 069 / 798 252 40 oder 069 / 798 252 50
Fax: 069 / 798 252 48


The Goethe Card includes

  • Student ID card
  • library card
  • semester ticket for public transport
  • electronic cash for copies and canteens
  • PASTA-Ticket

semester ticket for public transport

At registration all students will automatically receive the Semesterticket which entitles you to free-of-charge local public transport in the Rhein-Main-area (RMV).

Holders may use all means of transport available, e.g. busses, trams, subways and short-distance trains (U- and S-Bahn) and all regional trains (StadtExpress, RegionalExpress) throughout the Rhein-Main-area as well as trains connection to the Rhein-Neckar-area (VRN). The validity of this ticket extends therefore to the centre and the south of the Land Hessen, including the cities of Mainz, Weinheim and Worms.

Please find further Information as to the RMV-Semesterticket here: 

PASTA (Palmengarten ASTA-Ticket)

Since summer semester 2003 the student identity card is also your entrance ticket for a visit to the Palmengarten, that is the botanical garden close to Campus Westend and Bockenheim, during opening hours. Some special events, however, are not free of charge, such as for example the Festival of Lights.

Further information as to the PASTA-ticket will be given:

ISIC (International Student Identity Card)

The ISIC entitles to various facilities in more than 110 countries, such as cultural events, travel expenses, housing or restaurants. It costs 10 € and is valid for 16 months.

The ISIC can be obtained at the Student Union (AstA).

For details as to ISIC see: