General Information on Doctoral Studies at Goethe University Frankfurt

  • As a rule, excellent study performance in your degree course is the main perequisite for acceptance as doctoral student. Graduation in your home country has to match the academic requirements of the German higher education system.
  • The faculties of the University lay down the doctoral study regulations including the qualifications required for admission. The promotion regulations can be found on the website of the corresponding faculty.
  • There is no tuition fee for doctoral studies at Frankfurt University.
  • Promotion programs are governed by the doctorial study regulations of the respective academic department; and are as varied as is the individual time span from selecting the topic for your theses till successfully gaining your cap.
    Please notice: A residence permit for doctoral studies is given for a maximum of five years.
  • Doctoral studies consist of a written part, the dissertation, and an oral part, where you have to defend your doctoral thesis.
  • By writing the dissertation doctor students provide proof of their capacity to do independent research work.
  • For certain research projects you may also be required to attend a number of seminars or doctoral colloquiums (please consult your supervisor!).
  • Publication of your dissertation is compulsory in Germany. Your may opt for print media, such as publishers or professional journals, or – in some cases - for internet publication.