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In the framework of the so-called “Bologna Process,” Germany restructured its higher education system and introduced internationally recognized Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs.

As a rule, the completion of an undergraduate degree (Bachlor’s Degree or equivalent) is the prerequisite for admission to a German Master’s Degree Course. Master Study Programs may either build on already existing expertise (consecutive Master Program) or expand the fundamentals acquired in the first degree program and focus on the intersection with new scientific areas (interdisciplinary Master Program).

Prior to admission, international applications will have to be checked in view of their formal recognition and the comparability of majors and credit points achieved at the first degree program.

Goethe University offers Master Degree Programs conducted either in German or in English solely, and others which require language skills in both languages. Full details about the Master ‘s Program of your choice, e.g. language of instruction, curriculum and distinguishing features, application procedure as well as supplementary information from the relevant academic department, can be found in our Gateway to Master’s Degree Programs.

Please make sure to respect the time limits for application as well as the application formalities!

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