Who is exempted from the uni-assist procedure?

  • International students who intend to participate in international exchange programs (Erasmus, DAAD) have to contact the International Office.
  • International applicants who have completed their Abitur in Germany (or at a German school abroad)
  • EU citizens and citizens from Liechtenstein and Norway applying for subjects which have to be allocated by Hochschulstart.de (formerly Zentralstelle für die Vergabe von Studienplätzen, ZVS).
    At Goethe University, this currently affects the subjects of medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy.
  • Applicants for postgraduate courses in Law (LL.M., LL.M.Eur., LL.M.Finance) have to send their application to the respective faculty. For further information please check the website of the law department.
  • Doctoral students have to direct their application to the registrar`s office. (Studierendensekretariat) The acceptance letter from the faculty is essential.
  • The pre-check for application in the majority of our Master programs is handled by uni-assist. However some programs do not use the uni-assist services. Please check the course database concerning the application procedure.