Application procedure via uni-assist for international students at Goethe University

Which applications are subject to pre-check by uni-assist?

The university of Frankfurt has authorized uni-assist to pre-check the credentials of all international students not holding an Abitur-diploma from a German or other secondary school qualifying for university admission in accordance with the German Abitur examination regulations.
Please also see: > Exceptions

Qualifications for higher education are for example Abitur, A-Levels, High School Diploma, Baccalaureate, Lise Diplomasi etc.

uni-assist checks all applications for studies at the International Study Center (German Course preparing for the Language Proficiency Test [DSH] or Studienkolleg) as well as at Goethe University in Frankfurt.

Application Address

Please direct your application to to the following address:

c/o uni-assist e.V.
11507 Berlin

Please use this application portal to fill and submit the application form electronically. 

Please note: You will still have to send in the application with supporting documents in paper form/hard copy even if you use the online portal! Therefore you have to print out the application form the portal, sign it and send it to the above named address before the end of the application deadline.

For further questions concerning your application or the admission procedure, you are invited to consult the International Office.

Applying to more than one university

You want to apply to more than one university at the same time? Please make sure that all the universities of your choice are members of uni-assist (for the time being more than 140 of Germany’s 348 institutions of higher education are members of uni-assist).
For an updated list of uni-assist member-universities see

You need to fill in a separate application form for each university, but you have to send only one set of application documents altogether.

Please note that different universities or some graduate study courses may require additional qualification papers.
Please make sure that you do not send applications for universities that are not members of uni-assist. uni-assist will neither process such applications nor forward them to non-member universitites.

Which documents are required?

  • Secondary school-leaving certificate and all further documents which entitle you to study at university in your country of origin. All documents have to be translated in German or English. Please make sure that your documents are complete.
  • Candidates from China, Mongolia, and Vietnam need additional documents.
  • Language certificates
  • A copy of your passport (pages with personal details only)
  • Receipt of monetary transaction

uni-assist needs officially certified copies of all documents.
Please do never submit originals, and make sure that your application documents are complete.


Deadlines for the Direct Admission at Goethe University are

  • July 15thfor winter semester (exception: Medicine/Dentistry: 1st June!), for open admission degree programms (only with a passed DSH exam or equivalent!) August 31st
  • January 15th for summer semester, for open admissions degree programms (only with a passed DSH exam or equivalent) February 28th

Deadlines for the Preparatory Course (Studienkolleg) at International Study Centerare

  • April 15th for winter semester
    (in case of admission you have to take the entrance test in June)
  • October 15th for summer semester
    (in case of admission you have to take your entrace test in January)

At the above mentioned dates uni-assist must be in receipt of your complete application documents. Please note that deadlines may vary according to the universities chosen by you, and see to it that your application documents reach uni-assist in time for all universities.

In order to sort out any problems that may arise and to guarantee the timely processing of your application, we recommend that you submit your applicationbefore the official deadlines:

  • for summer semester by November 30th (University Admission) or by August 31st (Studienkolleg);
  • for winter semester by May 31st (University Admission) or by February 28th (Studienkolleg)

Some subjects of study require a preliminary aptitude test with specific deadlines.


All applicants who hold non German certificates (as well as International Baccalaureate and European Baccalaureate) have to pay 75 € for the pre-check of their application by uni-assist. In case you apply for several uni-assist member-universities you have to pay € 15 for each supplementary application.

When should you pay the fees? Please note that uni-assist will only process your application after receipt of your payment! You should pay the fee before or at the same time you post your documents, and we recommend that you enclose a copy of your payment slip in your application documents.How do you pay the fees?

  • Via credit card (Visa/Master Card). Click here to get the from "credit card". Fill it in, sign it and send it together with your application.
  • Via money transfer to uni-assist e.V.:

    Benificiary uni-assist e.V.  
    International bank code IBAN DE62100208900019055272  
    at the HypoVereinsbank  
    Branch* Filiale Berlin-Charlottenburg
    Leibnizstrasse 100
    D-10625 Berlin

    As reason for transfer please indicate your name, date of birth, and country of origin.
  • Please take care that the full amount is credited to uni-assist. Bank charges incurred have to be paid by you.
  • In order to facilitate your payment from abroad you may use the transfer services of Western Union. For further information see here.

Procedure following receipt of your application by uni-assist

uni-assist verifies that your application is complete and that all admission requirements are fulfilled. uni-assist will then inform you accordingly and forward your application to the university/ies of your choice.

Subsequently your application will take part in the formal selection procedure of the University and, if admitted, you will receive a letter of admission with supplementary information from Goethe University.

Direct admission to studies is granted by the Students Administration Office of the University; admission to the Studienkolleg at the International Study Centre is granted by the International Office.

If your application is incomplete or does not meet the necessary requirements, uni-assist will inform you accordingly. Please always indicate your E-mail address - if any – thus enabling uni-assist to contact you directly and quickly in order to sort out details.

Your application documents remain with uni-assist and will not be returned to you. In case you want to re-apply the following semester you only have to send a new application form, give your uni-assist-number and pay the fee; as your documents are already at hand, uni-assist will attach them to your re-application form.

uni-assist will keep your documents for one year; after that, they will be destroyed. Therefore: never send originals! Your personal data are stored for a period of four years for the exclusive use of uni-assist and the University/ies of your choice. After this period they will be erased.


Prior to registration or enrolment to graduate studies, admission is to be granted.

For registration you have to appear in person at the date indicated on your admission letter.

Once the registration period has expired, admission is no longer valid.

If you present yourself for registration with all necessary papers, e.g. admission letter, health insurance certificate and bank receipt proving payment of registration fees, you will receive your Goethe-Card, your record of study and your registration certificates.


In order to apply for a student visa at the German Embassy or Consulate of your home country you may use:

  1. The letter of uni-assist stating that “your application documents are forwarded to the University” or
  2. an application certificate issued by Goethe University Frankfurt.

In case you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact the information services of the International Office.

We are looking forward to welcome you at Goethe University in Frankfurt!