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Professor of International Relations and Theories of Global Orders

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Cluster of Excellence "The Formation of Normative Orders"
Goethe University Frankfurt/Main

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Administration Office

Beate Stein, M.A.

Goethe University Frankfurt/Main
Department 03 Social Sciences
Institute for Political Science

Cluster of Excellence "The Formation of Normative Orders"
Goethe University Frankfurt
Max-Horkheimer-Straße 2
60629 Frankfurt am Main

Room 1.12

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Office Hours
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New miscellany by Thorsten Thiel and Christian Volk on the topicality of republicanism
Within the series „Staatsverständnisse“ by Nomos, Thorsten Thiel and Christian Volk published a miscellany called „Die Aktualität des Republikanismus“. The book includes contributions by Richard Bellamy, Windried Thaa, Marcus Llanque, Dorothea Gädeke and Emanuel Richter. Thorsten Thiel and Christian Volk contributed an article on „Republikanismus des Dissenses“.

Open post as Student Assistant
The project 'Alternativlos? Gesellschaftlicher Protest in der globalisierungskritischen Bewegung zwischen Opposition und Dissidenz' is looking for a student assistant to support research within the project. For further information click here.

Four lectures on “Protest – Resistance – Uprising. Contestation about political orders”
The lecture series on protest, resistance and uprising will be continued. The first lecture will be on 23rd of March 2016 by Ferdinand Sutterlüty (Goethe University Frankfurt). Further guests include Lorenzo Bosi (Scuola Normale Superiore, Florence), Bucky Halker (folk singer, writer, and guest lecturer at the University of Oldenburg) and Andreas Pettenkofer (University of Erfurt). You will find further information here. The series is organized by Christopher Daase and Nicole Deitelhoff from the Cluster of Excellence “Normative Orders”.

Events on development and protest
In the first week of May the Department of International Relations and Theories of Global Orders hosts, in cooperation with the Asienhaus, Urgewalt and the Institut für Protest und Bewegungsforschung, three events that are linked to the meeting of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) that takes place in Frankurt this year. On Tuesday, the 3rd of May at 5pm, there will be a lecture by Aram Ziai (Kassel, Germany) on "Can the subaltern file claims? The World Bank Inspection Panel from a postcolonial perspective". The same evening at 7pm, Titi Soentoro (AKSI, Indonesia), Rayyan Hassan (NGO Forum on ADB, Philippines) and Chris Lang (REDDMonitor/Asienhaus) will present the impact of ADB-projects in the contexts of gender, rights and environment. On Friday, the 6th of May there will be a workshop day by the working group "Bewegungen und Institutionen" of the IPB. The topic will be the interaction of social movements with international organizations. For this workshop we ask you to register here: For further informatin, click here.

New Article: The myth of the local
Felix Anderl has published the article "The myth of the local: How international organizations localize norms rhetorically" in Review of International Organizations.

New article on liberal norms and its contestation
Lisbeth Zimmermann published together with Jonas Wolff (PRIF) the article "Between Banyans and battle scenes: Liberal norms, contestation, and the limits of critique." in the current Review of International Studies.

Thorsten Thiel as Interim Professor in Trier
This semester Thorsten Thiel is Interim Professor for Political Theory and History of Political Thought at Trier University. Therefore there will be no office hours and examinations in Frankfurt. Thorsten Thiel can still be reached via Mail: /
He will be back in March 2016 in his functions as coordinator of the Leibniz research network, research associate at the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt and associate fellow in the cluster of excellence.

New review
Felix Anderl has published a review of the textbook "Process Tracing: From Metaphor to Analytic Tool" by Andrew Bennett und Jeffrey T. Checkel.

Executive Editorial Board of the Journal "Zeitschrift für Internationale Beziehungen"
Since January 2015 Nicole Deitelhoff and Christopher Daase are the executive editors of the journal "Zeitschrift für Internationale Beziehungen" (ZIB). ZIB is the leading journal on International Relations in German. It is published on behalf of the section "International Politics" of the German Association for Political Science (DVPW). Manuscripts in German language can be submitted for the double-blind review process at any time to the editorial office (Lisa Bogerts, Further information can be found here.

New Publication about Internet and Politics
(20.01.2015) Ben Kamis and Thorsten Thiel published an article with the title "The Original Battle Trolls: How States Represent the Internet as a Violent Place" in the series PRIF Working Paper. In this article they analyze the rise and the connotations of the metaphor of the "Cyber War". The authors examine how souvereign statehood is constructed and established in the internet - a space long considered averse to statehood.

Deliberative Democracy and Opposition

(08.12.2014) An joint article by Nicole Deitelhoff and Thorsten Thiel with the title "Keine Widerrede? Opposition und Deliberation in der überstaatlichen Politik" has been recently published in the volume "Deliberative Demokratie in der Diskussion" , edited by Claudia Landwehr and Rainer Schmalz-Bruns. The article evolved from a session of the conference of the section Political Theory of the DVPW in 2013 where it was discussed how deliberative democrcay theory is able to reflect current times.