Welcome to Goethe University

In the rapidly changing and increasingly complex world of the 21st century, interdependence has become a fact of modern academic life.  Cooperation with partners within Germany and abroad is simply a part of day-to-day life at Goethe University—and international students and scholars add important new perspectives to both research and campus life.

The university’s location in the heart of Germany’s most international city is a key asset for the institution, and working with the city of Frankfurt is an important part of the overall internationalisation strategy.

When students spend time abroad they benefit from an enriched academic experience, exposure to different languages, enhanced intercultural skills, and greater self-reliance and self-awareness. Employers highly value students who have studied abroad, which improves their career prospects. Goethe University provides ample study abroad opportunities for students in all disciplines and at every stage of their academic career.

Goethe University has also developed a global network of relationships with top higher education institutions. Our commitment to serving international students is reflected in the quality and quantity of our international partnerships as well as the variety of services for international students hat we offer. Our goal is to ensure that a stay at Goethe University is both academically and personally enriching.

International guest scholars are welcome at Goethe University and play a key role in helping to internationalise the campus in Frankfurt. A new programme was created as part of the “International Campus” initiative to make it even easier for professors in Frankfurt to invite guest scholars to campus.

The International Office is the main hub for international activities at Goethe University, and works closely with the individual faculties, other administrative offices, and the university leadership. This is the first stop for any questions related to international activities at Goethe University.